coupon codes as a gift for mom

Coffee, Coupons and More Great Gift Ideas!

Ever Thought About Giving Promo Codes As a Gift To Your Mom?

Mom is the master gift-giver in many families, but what happens when it’s time to give Mom a gift? Use these 11 ideas to spark your imagination as you create the perfect present to make your mom smile.

1. Gather Coupons From Her Favorite Places.

Create a coupon book for some of the places your mom loves to shop/eat/or spend time online. You can give her a promo code for a learning website like EDX, so she can take courses on a subject she loves. Or, if she’s always wanted to start her own business, you could give her a coupon you purchased for a web hosting company like GoDaddy to show her that you believe in her dreams. The beauty of this is that, if you’re tight on money, this costs nearly nothing to make. But the time involved shows you that you’ve been paying attention to what they love.

2. Make a Personalized Treat Jar. 

coupon codes as a gift for mom

Does your mom love to bake cookies, or does she always have a piece of candy ready when visitors drop in? Maybe she likes to keep mints or nuts handy. Maybe even some cbd oil to surprise her!

Give Mom a personalized jar to hold her treats and snacks. Most personalization websites have these available. Use a message that says, “Nuts for Mom,” “Mom’s Cookies” or “Mom’s Treat Jar.” Some sites will let you place a photograph on the jar as well.

3. Buy a Bottle of Wine from a Special Place.

buy bottle of wine for mom

If your mom enjoys a bottle of wine, get her something special to fill her glass. Do some research to find wine made in her hometown, from her favorite vacation spot or for a place she talks about visiting one day.

Place the wine in a basket with two or four pretty wine glasses.

4. Publish a book of Favorite Family Recipes. 

Use a website that publishes photos to make Mom a book filled with favorite family recipes. You can either take a picture of the recipe itself to print in the book, or you can type in the text. Add family pictures to make the book even more special.

Give the book to Mom while you serve your version of a beloved family meal.

5. Take Her Out to a Ball Game. 

Is your mom a sports fan? Get tickets to take her to see her favorite team play.

Wrap the tickets with a team t-shirt, mug or another gift for a wonderful surprise.

6. Create Personalized Sewing Labels. 

Does your mom enjoy sewing for the children in your family? Many websites will help you personalize sewing labels just for Mom.

Your label can say, “Made with Love by Grandma,” “Sewing by Mom” or say your mother’s name. This will make handsewn heirlooms even more special because future generations will know the seamstress.

Mom can also use labels on cross-stitch or knitting projects.

7. Buy a Gift Certificate to Her Favorite Salon. 

Most moms love to be pampered, but they sometimes feel guilty about spending money on themselves for personal services like hair, nails or a massage.

Take the guilt factor away by giving Mom a gift card to her favorite salon. She will enjoy making an appointment for a day that’s just about her.

8. Make a Throw Pillow with the Names of Everyone in the Family. 

Websites specializing in personalized gifts are a treasure trove of gifts for Mom. One great option is to have a throw pillow made with the names of your family members. The names may be on the pillow in a random shape or shaped like a heart.

Mom will be thrilled with the daily reminder of everyone she loves the most.

9. Give Her a Coffee Basket. 

Does your mom love coffee? Fill a basket with everything she’ll need to enjoy a wonderful evening. Get some high-quality and/or limited selection coffees from one of her favorite coffee shops. Put it in a basket with other treats that go well with that particular coffee flavor profile, like biscotti’s or chocolate-covered blueberries. Each coffee has its own profile.

There’s even tasting books for coffee where java-lovers can log every coffee they’ve tried and note the unique flavors of each one.

10. Fill a Treasure Chest with Her Favorite Treat. 

This is an easy gift that would be perfect for children to create. Decorate a shoe box as a treasure chest and then fill it with Mom’s favorite candy bars, chocolate treats or snacks.

For a grown-up alternative, you could buy a jewelry box or have a keepsake box engraved with a special message for Mom. Then fill it with chocolate.

11. Create a Photo Book. 

A photo book can be a beautiful gift that Mom will be sure to cherish. Find the family photo albums and gather her favorite pictures to scan into your computer.

If you can’t get your hands on old photographs, you can use recent digital pictures of family events or fun times together.

Photo developing websites often have a variety of different themes you can use for creating these books. Some will even automatically place your pictures in the book.

The result is a wonderful book of pictures that Mom can look at and share with her friends.

Moms are special people who deserve recognition and thanks. You can make your mom feel honored and loved with simple, inexpensive gifts that show your feelings.

Use these 10 ideas as inspiration for the perfect gift for the most important mom in your life.