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Rochester Days Inn = Bliss

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The Days Inn of Henrietta, Rochester

Located near two major universities in Rochester, New York, the Days Inn of Henrietta is a two-star hotel that offers the convenience of being close to town without an expensive price tag. The room rates vary, depending on the time of year. The rates are cheaper in the fall and winter, increasing by as much as 40% in the spring and summer. Nonetheless, the rates are still cheaper than all of the deluxe chain hotels in the area.

Hotel Amenities

Each room includes a mini-fridge, small microwave, digital TV, cable, free Internet access, phone, iron, ironing board, hair dryer, and coffee maker. The hotel lobby is open 24-hours a day and features free local newspapers, recreational literature, and hot tea or coffee. Complimentary shampoo and conditioner are provided for guests. Certain rooms having gaming systems available, and headset for playing games upon request to keep the kids busy and quiet!

Complimentary Breakfast

The Days Inn of Henrietta, Rochester offers a complimentary breakfast each day. The menu varies slightly from one day to the next in regard to the hot entrée that is served. Along with some type of eggs and meat combination, the breakfast includes waffles, bagels, muffins, cold cereal, instant oatmeal, fresh fruit, apple juice, orange juice, hot tea, and coffee. Guests serve themselves.

Hotel Parking, Check In, and Check Out

Free parking is available for hotel guests in a lit parking lot that surrounds the hotel. Temporary parking is available in the front of the hotel for check in and check out times.

Hotel check in time is 3:00 pm, and check out time is 11:00 am. Early arrival is possible provided the hotel is given advance notice.

Summary: Are you thinking of visiting Rochester, New York? Perhaps you would like to attend the Lilac Festival in the spring or look at a few local colleges like the University of Rochester or Rochester Institute of Technology? The Days Inn is one of the local hotels that is popular with those guests who have a limited budget.

hotwire promo code hotels

Dealing with Jet-Lag on Vacation: Caffeine vs. Power Naps

If you’re travelling across time zones, it can take time to adjust and you’ll find yourself getting a little sleepy during the day. At this point, you have a choice. You can go with the natural option and find somewhere quiet to take a quick power nap, or you can opt for the chemical solution and consume some caffeine to pick you up. But which is the best choice?

Choose Your Flights Carefully

One thing you can do is try to arrive at an ideal time, if you are able to land in the evening and go straight to a hotel and go to sleep that will help you adjust to your new time quicker than if you have to force yourself to stay up. Some people are good at sleeping on airplanes, I am definitely not one of them! Sometimes it can be a little more expensive to book a more ideal flight, but with you can save a bit on your booking and set yourself up for being as well rested as possible. offers

Sleep and Noise Don’t Mix: Get Headphones!

One of the contributing factors to jet-lag, and stress in general, is noise. The loud jet-engine noise you’re exposed to for hours on end can affect you even after you leave the flight. Getting some budget headphones with noise-cancellation and you’ll significantly reduce your stress levels during your flight.


Reading books can quiet the mind and lower stress levels. Getting a good book at the airport can be tough, however. Luckily if you have a Kindle or iPad or any kind of screen with internet, you can download books before you get on the flight to enjoy. You can even use a Wordery discount code to get lots of books for cheap.


Sleep deprivation links to a host of physical, cognitive and emotional health problems. Indeed, one study in Greece found that people who nap had a 40% lower risk of heart disease. Therefore, if the body needs to sleep, let it — unless this would interfere with regaining a regular sleep patterns for your new locale. Caffeine is also believed to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and dementia, so it’s not a bad second choice. There are tablets and herbs that can help you with sleeping as well that aren’t sleeping pills!


You don’t need much time to nap; one study at Flinders University in Australia found that just 10 minutes was the optimal time. However, even though some workplaces offer “nap rooms,” (you’ll probably see standing desks in the same building), the idea has not been widely adopted, and the average worker will struggle to find a suitable nap spot. Home workers and the self-employed may fare better, but on this score, caffeine is the clear winner.


Many studies show that caffeine improves reaction time and information processing in tired individuals. Napping, to the extent that it removes tiredness, will also do this, but it has an additional benefit. People show better recall of tasks they were doing before they took a nap. So take advantage of this by reviewing any information you need to remember just before you go to sleep.

Driver Sleepiness

Researchers at Loughborough University, England compared the impact of caffeine and naps in sleepy individuals just before a driving test. Their study showed that while both options were equally valid, some people were not able to fall asleep on cue. When it comes to driving, however, why not play it safe and do both? Stop at a safe place, take a nap, and then get some caffeine.

If you take caffeine when sleepy, you are using a chemical stimulant to keep the body awake when it wants to sleep. Although sleep is not fully understood, you have to assume that your body has its reasons. So wherever possible, take a 10-minute nap if you get tired (as long as you’ll still be able to sleep that night). If that’s not possible, consume some caffeine instead.